If money was no object, what would you do?

This is the most important decision to make in your business you are creating. In your business, you are creating a world.

In this world, how do you want it to run? How do you see yourself in it? Do you enjoy more of having  things or touching peoples lives, or both?

What do you want for the people in your world, in everyday how will your customers interact with your brand?

You are to leave a mark, that will last generations to come. What seed will you plant, that grows in the future?

The foundation of your world is where you start. The idea you want to build it on. No different than America was founded on freedom for all people. This intention will stick with your business until the very end.

The goal is to set the tone on a small little petri dish. The people involved right from the beginning, the bond you create, the authenticity behind your interactions.

The typical belief system in a large corporation is to hire fast and fire faster. Then each year they are riddled with anxiety, having to fire everyone out and rehire new people. This culture is built off of ego, and will not last very long.

In the RUMI culture, we are multinational. Just 3 people neither one above or below, we had to blindly trust one another and except that without one of the main people the company would not continue. 

In this culture, you go the whole way with one another. There is no firing someone if their girlfriend dumped them and they are depressed for a year. You stick together and grow together out of unconditional love. Now Alexey our head of design is in Ukraine, being attacked by terrorist. RUMI is still functioning and growing at a higher level then ever.

Rumi was built on a fundamental law the universe operates on…trust.  If you watch nature, you will see that it leaves everyone involved connected, but self directing. Your heart beats on it’s own, the moon rises on it’s own. It loves and creates all things, but does not control or hold onto anything. It let’s everyone and everything simply be and have their own experience without intervention in it.

What world do you want to create for yourself and others? Be limitless in your vision!

Cheers to your business!

Thank you,