Brand Strategy is the tree where all the other trees stem from in the forest of your business.

It is by far the most crucial thing a business needs to grow successfully. 

To put it plainly, brand strategy is the purpose of your business, it is what your company stands for, it is the gut feeling people get when they see your website, your logo, your products, etc.

When your brand strategy is done right, the words on your marketing collateral, website, etc will come directly from your mouth and left unfiltered and RAW.

In our process the first month we establish your brand strategy, then we get to your marketing plan. If the soul of your business is authentic and purposeful, you will have a solid path to business growth.

If there is no passion in your business and your aim is solely to profit, then growing your business will be difficult.

As long is there is one worker in your business who holds the passion, the brand strategy will come from them.

Here is a business before we worked with them, without any direction on brand strategy:


“Skip the 10-Step Skincare go straight for the all day glow” that is marketing and selling the product.


“OWN WHO YOU ARE” this is giving women the confidence to go without makeup.

Brand Strategy helps your customers identify with something greater than themselves. It inspires, it empowers them and gives them intuitive confidence to work with you.