This is one of the most proven strategies our team at RUMI used to master our service, which in turn accelerated our business growth.

Giving you and your colleagues an impossible project.

There is a quote by William Blake

A fool who persists in his folly will soon become wise.

The impossible project helps your whole team persist in their foolishness. What you will find at the end of the project, when you succeed at it, the whole team will go from Chaos to Harmony.

Harmonious communication is where you will arrive at.

You will see all the constraints in your business and if done right, you will see that you are the biggest constraint.

The other side to this is, it will strengthen your service completely. It is like walking with 300 pound weights on you, then when you take these weights off, you feel weightless. Your process will become completely fluid and effortless.

What used to take us 3 months to do a custom website, now takes us a month to a month and a half.