(Stages of entrepreneurship)

Self awareness is one of the most important tools as an entrepreneur. Simply knowing yourself, drastically improves the immediate results for your business.

When we start a business it is common to have what is called the “imposter Syndrome.” This is where we don’t believe that we are good enough. At this point we lack belief in our own power. We don’t think we deserve the success and we believe we need to suffer before we achieve success.

After this phase of infancy is passed we move into our adolescence. Here is where we become ego maniacs. I call this phase “The Over glorified Syndrome.” 

During this phase we think we are responsible for all of our success and we know exactly what is best for everyone. We become outraged when nothing goes our way. We forget completely why we started the business in the first place and we now only work if customers will pay us a lot of money. 

During this phase we may increase our pricing, refuse work, create a lot of anxiety in our company.

Depending on how big your head is, depends on how long it will take to crash and eat your humble pie.

Now what comes after is death. You die into your business completely. The person who entered into your business or who stated it years ago, is no longer the same person. You’ve made all the mistakes, you’ve learned from them. You’re less anxious, more focused, and much more aware of yourself.

Here is when you become reborn. You see beyond yourself. The thing that was getting in the way of your growth is no longer there.

During this phase of rebirth it takes work to build up that momentum and confidence you once had. This time the new confidence that you will have is completely mature. It’s confidence in knowing that you do not know. That your power exist beyond your identity or role you play in your business or whether you succeed or fail.